Rough Trading

Our rough diamonds team participates in all major tenders and auctions. They are in continuous open communication with our polished department. This allows us to tailor our procurement as much as possible to the demands of our customers at the time. We trade and manufacture the rough depending on our own demands. All our diamonds are conflict-free origin and have been sourced from countries that are participant in the Kimberley Process.

Our extensive range of rough diamonds includes:

  • Sawables
  • Makeables
  • Cleavages
  • Industrials
  • Crystals

Polish Trading

At Asian Diamonds we specialize in Star / Melee / +11 to 5.00cts polish diamonds with GIA, IGI, & HRD Certification, from IF to I2 clarity, D-M & all fancy colors, in numerous shapes. All of our diamonds passes through a rigorous quality control unit where our qualified craftsmen assess it finely. Our skilled artisans work keenly to deliver flawless quality diamonds that comes into perfect diverse shapes, various colors and clarities.

Our extensive range of polished diamonds includes:

  • Stars
  • Full cuts
  • Melees
  • Pointers
  • Caraters
  • Larger specials
  • Certificate goods
  • Round-edged fancies
  • Colours and browns